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Cheerleaders are often known not as dancers but as athletes. They are seen as athletes as the training can be very intense. At Lucinda Walsh School of Dance we open our squad to children of all abilities. Cheerleading is a group sport that involves lots of team spirit. There are many different elements to a cheerleading class: dance, jumps, basic stunts, tumbles, motions, cheers, chants. We offer optional IDTA exam in Cheer beginning with Cheer Rosettes for which the teacher accompanies the student. Students then work their way through the Cheer medal system. Many of the students that do this class also do the Gymnastics class as they link nicely together.



Ballet is a core ITDA dance style and is the foundation of all dance techniques. Our ballet classes aim to encourage imagination and expression allowing confidence to blossom. As our students move up through the classes we work through the grades according to age, ability and experience introducing more knowledge of ballet and concentrating more on developing posture and poise. We offer optional IDTA exams in Ballet beginning with Ballet rosettes and Pre Juvenile Award where the teacher supports the children before moving onto the Ballet grades where they are examined without a teacher.

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