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Dance Parties

Dance Party Information

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The current cost of our parties:

* £120 based on up to 20 children for 2 hours

   (with 2 instructors).

* £170 based on between 21 and 30 children for 2 hours

   (with 3 instructors).


We come to a venue of your choice, so we leave that side up to you to organise.


Normally the structure of the party is:

1. Instructors meet and greet all the guests.

2. Mixture of drama and party games to start.

3. Children learn a dance routine

    (Theme to be chosen by the Birthday Child)

4. Break for food for roughly 30 minutes

    (if Host is supplying food)

    Instructors to help children/talk to them whilst they eat.

5. Games/Last minute practise of the dance

6. Parents arrive 10 minutes early to watch the performance

    of the routine.


We can adapt the structure of our parties to suit the birthday child. Some children like more dance, whereas some children like more games. In some cases we have been asked to do 10 minutes as a free play disco. We are quite happy to include any ideas you have, but we will advise you if we think it will not work.


The birthday child is able to choose the style of the party. We can do:

•             Ballet

•             Freestyle

•             Hip Hop/Break

•             Street

•             Cheerleading

•             Musical Theatre


We are happy to work to any theme. Some themes we have previously done include:

•             Prince and Princesses

•             Monsters and Aliens

•             Fairies and Wizards

•             Frozen

•             Musicals

•             Pirates

•             Under the Sea

•             Pop stars/pop songs


On the day we will bring a variety of things with us to fit with the theme and birthday child for the children to play with but they need to be handed back in at the end. Sessions are age appropriate.


Included in the party price:

1. Party invites for the birthday

child to give out to their friends.

2. Certificate for taking part for each child.

3. Balloons for each child to put into party

bags (if you are doing party bags)


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Please complete this form and return to Lucinda with a £50 deposit using online payment to secure your party date and time.

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